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Fred Fleitz

Fred Fleitz is senior vice president for policy and programs with the Center for Security Policy, a national security think tank. Follow him on [email protected]

20 July 2019 05:12 PM

Iran’s seizure of oil tankers could boost European support for Trump

Europe’s long-running patience with Iran’s bad behavior is running out.

08 February 2019 02:20 PM

9 Months Later, Trump’s Iran-Deal Withdrawal Is a Clear Success

Despite howls of protest by the Left, the foreign-policy establishment, and European leaders, and contrary to misleading assessments by U.S. intelligence agencies, it is now clear that President Trump’s decision last May to withdraw the United States from the controversial 2015 nuclear deal with Iran (the JCPOA) was the right call and is a huge policy success.

14 October 2017 02:55 PM

Trump was right to put the Iran nuclear deal on death row

President Trump was right to sharply criticize the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran Friday and say that Congress and other nations must set stricter conditions for Iranian behavior in order to keep the U.S. from withdrawing from the pact.