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IJS: 445 Iraqi journalists killed since 2003

journalism at risk in Iraq
As many as 445 Iraqi journalists have been killed since 2003 and the figure included 20 journalists who were killed in action during 2016, according to a report of the Iraqi Journalists’ Syndicate.

The report said around 20 Iraqi journalists were killed by Daesh terrorist group in Nineveh governorate, thus bringing the total number of journalists who were killed while covering up developments in Iraq to 445 since 2003 so far.

It reviewed the threats and dangers facing the Iraqi journalists while covering most of the tragedies and sufferings lived by the Iraqi people as they have been facing threats, murder and oppression to prevent them from carrying out their duties and restrict freedom of journalism in Iraq.

In view of absence of law in some key joints of the Iraqi state, journalism work is still facing risks and intimidation attempts to evade journalists from being involved in correcting the political track and putting things on the right course in the war-ravaged country.

Iraq was proclaimed as one of the most dangerous countries in the journalism work since 2003 due to security chaos and political instability that are still tearing apart the country as a result of its war againt Daesh terrorist organization.