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Growing conflict in Iraq after disclosure of malicious intentions

Resorting to protests as a solution to defend rights and express opinions may be deemed as an important step taken by any people to announce their anger over pressures practiced by governments.


The Iraqi citizens have been antagonized by the government's wrong policies and the lack of services provided to them.


They, thus, blow up and decided to take to streets to express their rejection to the government's system, under the slogan of "We will not stand idly anymore to defend our rights".


The corruptive governments are always afraid of protests and expressing opinions, as was the case with the government of Haider al-Abadi, which has intensified its efforts to contain the current protests as soon as possible before the official announcement of manual recounting of votes results that are expected to be announced next week.


Malicious intentions behind Abadi's decisions


Well-informed sources at the Iraqi Cabinet told The Baghdad Post that Premier Abadi is trying to suppress demonstrations currently staged in southern Iraq before the official announcement of the Parliamentary election results, indicating that the protests have weakened Al-Abadi's endeavors to win second term in office.



The current protests were also staged against Abadi's political opponents such as Nuri al-Maliki, Hadi al-Amri, whose parties' headquarters consumed massive fire by the demonstrators.


The sources added that the Prime Minister decided to establish employment offices in the southern cities, including Basra, Najaf and Karbala.


Such a step aimed to find more jobs for the graduated young people and thus contain the current discontent displayed by the Iraqi youth.

The sources pointed out that the Prime Minister aspires to get a truce even only for ten days, noting that Abadi is currently holding calls with some tribal leaders and religious dignitaries, who refused to respond to his call.


Hadi al-Amiri proves his own failure:


 The current wave of demonstrations has forced the Iranian-allied Hadi Al-Amiri, head of Fatah Alliance, to admit that all political blocs failed to provide basic elements of a decent life for the Iraqi citizen, run the state properly over the last 15 years.


He added that these blocs contented themselves only by competing with themselves for reaching higher positions paying no due regard to the interest of Iraqi citizens.


Amiri added that the Iraqi’s apathy to participate in elections and staging protests constitute a strong message to the political blocs, who should seriously review and consider it to avoid dragging the country into new age of crises and conflicts.



Obsessions with elections and panic of policies


In another vein, all political blocs are awaiting the results of manual recounting of votes, expected to be announced next week.


All these blocs are endeavoring to form alliances that pave the way ahead of the coming government.

A source told The Baghdad Post that the political blocs are in panic due to the current wave of demonstrations staged by thousands of Iraqis, who now seek to form new alliances to force the authorities to meet their demands.


It is obvious that these blocs will seek to meet the demands of protesters in order to keep them under the state’s control and avoid dragging the country into a massive revolution that overthrows all politicians.

Helsinki summit and the international conflict


With regard to the international and regional levels, the Iranian-American conflict remains the biggest challenge in the Iraqi politics, especially after the recent summit between the Russian and American presidents in Helsinki last week.



If the Iraqi file was included within the files discussed in the talks of the two presidents, the results of these discussions will be clearly reflected in the formation in the coming Iraqi government.

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