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Kurds call on Baghdad to implement Article 140 of the constitution

Baghdad allocates IQD 327 billion to Kurdistan Govt.
Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has said the Kurdish delegation visiting Baghdad seeks to call on the federal government to implement Article 140 of the Constitution.
Maged Shinkali, a leader within KDP, said that parties of Barzani and Talabani agreed to form a joint delegation which will visit Baghdad to discuss forming the coming government.
"Applying Article 140 of the Constitution is the foremost demand for the Kurdish delegation during Baghdad visit, he said.
On the elections, the party leader said that manual counting and sorting of votes will not affect the final outcome of the results in the region.
He revealed the delegation will visit Baghdad before announcing the results of manual counting.

Last Modified: Friday، 20 July 2018 03:53 PM