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Iran, Iraqi officials help ISIS remnants infiltrate Syria

Iran, Iraqi officials help ISIS remnants infiltrate Syria


It cost only $1500 for Doaa, an ISIS female recruit in Iraq, to escape the country in her journey to reunite with her husband who is currently fighting within the ranks of the terror group in Syria. Doaa, who fled her hide-out in Mosul's right bank's al-Mamun neighborhood with another ISIS female recruit, were helped by local officials to leave the country on the eve of Eid al-Fitr.


According to well-informed sources, hundreds of ISIS female elements in Iraq did the same to flee the country after paying $1500 each.


ISIS remnants in Iraq find their way into Syria with the help of Iran-allied militias who control large swathes of Iraq, the sources confirmed. 

Security analysts told the Baghdad Post that officials within the incumbent Iraqi government who are aligned with the Iranian regime support ISIS terrorists to relocate in Syria after being defeated in Iraq. 


In late 2017, Iraqi PM Haider Abadi declared the full defeat of ISIS in his country. A US-led coalition and the Iraqi army managed to oust the terror group. But since then, Iran has been exerting efforts to help ISIS regroup in Syria. 


Doaa's husband, identified as Ayman Fathy Faysal, is a senior ISIS terrorist. He fled to Syria during the operations to liberate Nineveh. But his wife stayed in Mosul as she was living with her mother.


Western reports have repeatedly warned that Iran was using its militias in the region to rebuild ISIS. To achieve this, it made contacts with terrorists from the al-Qaeda terror group to reactivate their roles. 


Recently, dozens of ISIS elements have been killed in border area while attempting to infiltrate Syria. On Thursday, Shamar tribe in Salahuddin province said its fighters killed three ISIS terrorists who were attempting to infiltrate Telol al baj villages in northern the province.

In a statement, the tribe underlined that its fighters are in pursuit of the other ISIS militants who managed to escape.


This coincided with Iraqi security services in Diyala revealing that ISIS terrorists were possessing guesthouses on the outskirts of Salahuddin province. According to the security officials, these guesthouses are located in the areas of Mutaibjah, al-Zarka and Gibal Hamrain.

Iraqi officials confirmed to the Baghdad Post that these guesthouses were used for the killings and kidnappings committed against civilians in Salahuddin.


Those terrorists were designed to move into Syria through desert areas of Anbar Governorate. 


A lot of terror attacks were carried out against both police personnel and civilians. Dozens were killed. 


On June 2, ISIS terrorists killed a family, composed of 12 members.


This prompted Iraqi forces to launch an offensive to hunt down stalwarts of ISIS in the desert area of Salahuddin province. But Iraqi police officials said the the offensive would be a daunting mission with the terrorists hiding in remote areas on the outskirts of province.


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