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US surveys Russian bases in Syria to prevent succoring Assad

US conduct surveillance mission over Russian military bases in Syria

The US has conducted surveillance missions near Russian military bases in Syria to prevent providing Assad with these sophisticated weaponry as he has been butchering his own people since 2012, sources told The Baghdad Post.


The RQ-4B Global Hawk and the electronic intelligence aircraft "EP-3E Aries II" conducted a survey at the Khmeimim base and the Russian logistics center in Tartus.


The Arabic edition of Russia's Sptunik claimed on Tuesday that US intelligence drones were looking for "S-300" defense system in Syria

Sources revealed that US aircraft E-3A Sentry AWACS had flown over Syrian northern provinces near the Turkish city of Konya.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that Israel may strike the Russian-made S-300 anti-aircraft defense systems in Syria if they are used against Israel.

Lieberman's comments come a day after senior Russian officials told the Kommersant newspaper that Russia is expected to provide the Bashar Assad regime with S-300 anti-aircraft defense systems soon. If Israel attacks the new air defense systems, then it will suffer “catastrophic consequences,” the officials said.

Lieberman said that the S-300 are already being operated on Syrian soil, though they are only being used by the Russians and not being employed against Israel.

Lieberman added that Israel will not allow an Iranian foothold in Syria, saying that this is the principle guiding Israel. "If someone fires on us, we will respond. Let there be no doubt, it doesn't matter what system - S-300, S-700 or something else."


This comes as the US is taking a tougher position on Assad atrocities. After hitting Assad targets on April 14th, President Trump warned Russia and Iran of continuing to back Assad. 

Last Modified: Tuesday، 24 April 2018 05:55 PM