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MP says thousands of displaced persons may be barred from voting

Iraqi elections to be held May 12
Head of committee on Migration and Displacement, lawmaker Raad al-Dahlaki, warned on Monday that from 250,000 to 30,000 people in Diyala may not be able to cast their votes in the coming elections. 
"Those displaced persons, in spite of having electronic electoral tickets, the High Electoral Commission (HEC) is still opposing opening new polling centers in their camps," the lawmaker added.
He noted HEC attempts to force the displaced persons to cast their ballots in polling stations in the areas they were forced to leave, adding they left these areas due to security risks.
According to the lawmaker, HEC's office in Diyala expressed readiness to open polling stations for displaced persons, but HEC's office in Baghdad is hampering the matter. 
This comes as Iraqis will go to polling stations for the coming elections on May 12th. 
Many politicians and religious leaders, including chief of the Sadrists, warned of attempts to rig the elections and bring the corrupt to power.