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PUK counter-terrorism units free 3 Peshmerga from ISIS captivity

Peshmerga forces


Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)'s counterterrorism forces freed Sunday three Peshmerga personnel held hostage by ISIS.


The freed Peshmerga, who remained in captivity for 96 days, were from the Garmiyan bloc in the Kurdistan Region. 

“We have a very happy feeling. We were captives in the hands of ISIS for 96 days, and we were blindfolded the entire time. We are seeing the world now for the first time after 96 days,” one of the freed Peshmerga, Shwan Karim Mohammed said.


He thanked the PUK counterterrorism forces for rescuing them, saying they suffered badly at the hands of their captors.
In late December 2017, Iraqi PM Haider Abadi declared full liberation of Iraqi territories from ISIS. But the terror group's sleeper cells often attack civilians and vital facilities.