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Explosion rocks police station in Sweden's Malmo


An explosion has rocked a police station in Malmo, Sweden forcing officers to lock down the area after a suspected hand grenade detonated, Express reported.


The explosion was caused by a hand grenade according to local news reports. 

The police have released a statement to say they were called by several people due to a loud bang. 

Police spokeswoman Anna Goransson said to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet: “The place is locked off and the bombing group is on its way.

"Fortunately, no people have been injured, but cars, I cannot say how many, have been damaged."


The Aftonbladet have claimed that two people are suspected of being involved in the attack. 

The incident happened in the town of Malmo, which is in the south of Sweden, close to the border with Denmark. 

Police have been placed on high alert and deployed to various locations across the city.