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UN settlement proposal 'unfair, biased', incites sectarian strife – MP

The Iraqi parliament

Ferdaws al-Awadi, a State of Law Coalition MP, accused Wednesday the UN mission in Iraq of siding with one ethnicity over the other.

In a statement, she described the settlement proposal, introduced by the UN mission team, as unfair and biased towards political parties that adopt suspicious agendas promoting interference in Iraq's affairs.

Al-Awadi said the leaked proposal, which included items related to the retrial of politicians convicted on terrorism charges and the release of some figureheads of the previous regime, who are currently detained, undermines the credibility of the Iraqi judiciary.    

The paper has included an item on achieving balanced government representations between Sunnis and Shiites, she noted.

Amending items of the Amnesty Law is a flagrant interference in Iraq's affairs. It deeply roots the sectarian and partisan quota system. It also keeps the outstanding issues unresolved, she further stated.     

These items ignore the majority's opinion. They hurt the feelings of terrorism victims' families, the MP said.  

The MP added that any political settlement should be stemmed from Iraqis' will. It shall not take the form of proposals or dictations from abroad. 

On Tuesday, Mansur al-Baiji, a State of Law Coalition MP, said the Iraqi parliament rejects the settlement proposal introduced by the United Nations.

He also asserted that any settlement proposal should be initiated by parties within the country.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 03 January 2018 12:55 PM