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Video: Qatar sends convoys of buses to Iran to aid Mullah's regime

Video: Qatar sends convoys of vehicles to support Mullah amid protests

Khalid Al-Hail, the leader of the Qatari opposition party, has said that Qatari convoys of cars and buses have been sent to Iran to support Mullah regime against the ongoing protests, a video circulated the social media channels revealed.

Abdulla Al-khanji, the executive manager of Qatar Ports Management Company MWANI, addressed loudly his help to the savage mullahs with vehicles, Hail said on his Twitter account. 



Hale denounce these behaviors and expected that the end of mullah regime will be inevitable.


For the sixth straight day, protesters have been pouring onto streets across Iran, demanding the change of the entire regime. 

Iranian citizens express their rage over the Mullah's regime crimes and schemes that deteriorated the economic, social and other situations of the citizens.

At least 12 people were killed while more than 600 others were arrested in these protests.   

Last Modified: Wednesday، 03 January 2018 11:24 AM