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Nearly 37,000 killed in Iraq during 2017

61 killed in Syria's Atareb by Assad, Russian air strikes

At least 36,898 people were killed, and 8,753 were wounded in Iraq during 2017, according to the US-based Antiwar site.

During 2016, 52,369 people were killed 21,795 were wounded. The Iraqi government chose to censor information about security casualties and perhaps even civilian ones.

 Consequently, at the end of 2016, the United Nations was hectored into limiting the number of casualties it was allowed to compile on the ground.

According to the site, at least 9,036 civilians killed, and another 6,607 wounded.

 However, Kurdish intelligence reported, in July, a belief that at least 40,000 civilians were killed in Mosul alone. Certainly, many bodies remain uncounted under the rubble left by the battle for Mosul, or in unmarked mass graves.

The number of civilian wounded dropped considerably despite security campaigns across Iraq. This is unlikely to be true.

At least 1,696 security personnel were killed and 1,827 were wounded. In September, Coalition forces revealed that over 1,200 Iraqi soldiers were killed during the Mosul campaign alone, nearly doubling the number of dead.