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MP calls for suspension of wanted army personnel

Iraqi soldiers

Alya Nassif, a State of Law Coalition MP, called Sunday on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to suspend personnel who are still serving in the armed forces although arrest warrants have been issued for them.   

In a statement, Nassif said issuing an arrest warrant for any army personnel is an indicator of his corruption.

Consequently, he does not have the right to neither check the secret e-mails, correspondences, files, information nor security plans, she noted.   

Those army personnel should be suspended, including Anwar Hamma Amin, Commander of the Air Force, the MP said, adding that not suspending them officially constitutes a threat to Iraq's national security. 

On Wednesday, a parliamentary source said a high-ranking military commander is under investigation.  

Earlier, Nassif has called on Abadi to prevent Commander of the Air Force from travelling after an arrest warrant was issued for him. 

The arrest warrant was issued for Amin allegedly squandering public funds.

Last Modified: Sunday، 31 December 2017 01:57 PM