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Tribal Hasid denies ISIS' control over Hawija

Tribal Hasid denies ISIS' control over Hawija
Iraqi Tribal Hasid spokesman Mohammed Khorshid denied on Saturday that ISIS terrorists have controlled Hawija district in Nineveh governorate.

He added that there are several pockets of ISIS terrorists hiding in villages near Hamrin Mountains.

These terrorists carry out terrorist attacks and assassinations from time to time in the district. 

Military reinforcement has been sent to the district to launch aggressive operations to eliminate these terrorists and preserve the security and stability in Hawija, he confirmed.

This comes as Iraqi security forces had fully recaptured Nineveh governorate which was considered to be ISIS' main stronghold in Iraq and is currently sweeping Iraq to oust ISIS remnants.

In June 2014, ISIS captured large swathes of Iraq and Syria. But the US-led coalition launched a campaign to oust the terror group of the two countries.

Last Modified: Saturday، 30 December 2017 02:54 PM