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Gunmen attack house of writer in Maysan over 'Facebook post'

Gunmen attack house of writer in Maysan because of 'facebook post'

Gunmen on Saturday attacked a house of the writer Amer Kazem in Maysan Governorate for mocking conferences held by tribes, security sources said on Saturday.


"Unknown gunmen opened fire on the house of Kazem and fled away", Eyewitnesses said.


The attack comes only a few hours after Kazem criticized tribal traditions on his facebook page.


"Promising future is waiting for Iraq in light of founding conferences for tribes and youth of tribes", Kazem ridiculed it.

Iraqi cities are witnessing a state of Insecurity and chaos as terror groups are targeting civilians with booby-trapped cars,  armed attacks and suicide bombers.

Last Modified: Saturday، 30 December 2017 02:23 PM