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Iraqi VP Maliki: Dispute with Kurdistan must be solved before election

Nuri al-Maliki

Iraqi VP Nouri al-Maliki says the federal government has to help the Kurdistan Region overcome the challenges facing it, particularly the financial crisis.


Maliki added in press statements on Thursday that violations in Tuz Khurmatu since October 16 “ must be dealt with as ethnic cleansing that is followed with great concern.


Following the Sept. 25th independence referendum, Iraqi army backed by Iran-allied IMIS Militias invaded Khurmatu, forcing tens of thousands from their homes.


Kurdish parliament described the move as "genocide".


Maliki, who served as Iraqi PM from 2006-2014, stressed his aspirations for both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region to get over their rift over the Sept. 25th Kurdish vote.


He called upon both sides to open a new page and adhere to the Iraqi constitution for the interest of all Iraqis, including the Kurdish people.


The leader of the ruling Dawa Party warned that all Iraqis would lose in case the Baghdad-Erbil dispute was not solved before the May 12 elections.


He voiced hopes the efforts exerted by the Iraqi presidency would push for talks between both sides. 


He said if the Kurdistan Region offers “guarantees” or hands over the KRG’s oil export to the Government of Iraq, even if it were as low as 100,000 barrels, the Iraqi government would then be prepared to send the KRG’s share of the budget — per the population.


Under his government, Maliki cut the Kurdish share of budget in early-2014 over the KRG’s plans to export oil independent of Baghdad.


He also deployed the Iraqi security forces to the borders of the Kurdistan Region at least twice when he was the PM, and became the first senior Iraqi politician to threaten Kurdistan with the use of force against the Iraqi-opposed Kurdish vote on independence.


Kurdish officials, notably the former Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, had called the budget cuts, which were introduced under Maliki but was then continued under the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, equal to the Kurdish genocide.


Maliki said the KRG's share of the 2018 budget must be sent to stop the Kurdish suffering, stressing that Kurdish people have suffered a lot in Iraq, including suffering the Kurdish genocide, Anfal, under the former Iraqi regime.