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Abadi: Post-ISIS Iraq's next challenge is maintaining security

Abadi: Iraq's next challenge after ISIS is maintaining security

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi asserted on Saturday that Iraq's next chellnge after defeating ISIS is maintaining its security and step up its intelligence efforts.

Abadi also called for using advanced technology to be able to vanquish any enemy.

He added that Iraq emerged from this war victorious and united, stressing on the importance of combating corruption, as it was the reason behind ISIS' infiltration to Iraq, noting that security forces' nepotism is the most dangerous aspect of corruption.

Abadi further stated that the government can't let terrorism breach Iraq's security, noting the security forces must step up its efforts to foil their terrorist attempts.

Abadi also stressed on the importance of bringing back stability and normalcy to the recaptured areas, asserting that civilians' cooperation with the security forces will guarantee that.

Last Modified: Saturday، 23 December 2017 07:55 PM