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Kurdish MP says Abadi reneged on promises

Naguiba Naguib

Naguiba Naguib, a lawmaker with the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) said on Saturday the government in Baghdad are rejecting the Kurdish presence in Iraq.

In a statement, she said:"I sense the political leadership in Baghdad is no longer desiring to deal with the Kurdish lawmakers nor are they seeking to facilitate their work at the ministries or the other institutions of the state."

She also noted:"Most of government officials within these institutions disdain from answering to our calls or responding to our questions."

This attitude was adopted in the aftermath of the referendum and the subsequent move taken by Baghdad, according to the lawmaker.

The measure taken by Baghdad in the aftermath of the independence referendum held in the autonomous region on September 25th included shutting down airports and suspending flights impacted the Kurds.

Naguib also revealed that the government is not willing to transfer the wages of Kurdish civil servants.