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Mullahs manipulate elections to keep his puppets in control of Iraq

Mullah manipulate elections to keep his puppets in control of Iraq

After years of sectarian and civil strife and war against terror, Iraqis hope to achieve democracy and a non sectarian government that can elevate Iraq from its problems.

But recently, Iraqi politicians seek to continue with the same policies and agendas that plunged Iraq into chaos, by insisting on carrying out the elections on its date, despite the fact that millions of Iraqis are suffering from internal displacement as a result of the war against ISIS.

Analysts told The Baghdad Post that the current political and security climate in Iraq is not suited enough to carry out any elections as many villages, cities and towns are destroyed and have transform into ghost towns as its residents are displaced.

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are also suffering the deterioration of the living conditions and hygiene due to the winter's cold and the negligent of the government in the displacment camps, a video obtained by The Baghdad Post revealed on Sunday.

Displaced people bear the lack of heating materials in this bitter cold as the officials do not provide the appropriate services for these people.

As corruption has destroyed the state of Iraq, government and its politicians, the displaced have become a commodity for political blocs and parties to use only in elections.

This method is currently used vulgarly in the displacement camps as politicians promise to bring IDPs to their homes, while their affiliated militias from the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) hold them by force as hostages in their camps and prevent them from returning to their areas.

The war against ISIS to recapture Iraqi cities from the terrorist group’s clutches, raised the number of displaced people significantly.

Meanwhile, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, Jan Kubis, met recently with Iraqi Board of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission.

The SRSG welcomed the progress being made so far for the elections envisioned for 12 May 2018 in accordance with the timelines set in the Constitution of Iraq.

"The 2018 Council of Representatives elections must take place in full conformity with the constitutional time-frame and it is imperative that the Electoral Commission works with all stakeholders in order to hold them as well as the Governorate Council Elections in a timely, inclusive, credible and transparent manner,” Kubis emphasized.

The SRSG reiterated his call for the Council of Representatives to take immediate steps to ensure that the appropriate legal framework is in place, without further delay.

Parliament Commission for Migration and Displaced Chief Raad Dahalki condemned the United Nation's approval of carrying out the elections in its designated day.

Dahalki said that this approval is extremely unfair towards all of the Iraqi IDPs.

In a statement, Dahalki said that as the IDPs humanitarian crisis escalates, as they lack basic life services, such as access to clean water, food, medicine and fuel to protect them from the cold of winter along with sectarian militias that prevent them from returning home, The UN totally neglects them and announce its approval for carrying out the elections in its designated date.

He stressed that the UN was supposed to help eliminate the IDPs crisis as it's its primary mission in Iraq and a priority over any other matter.

Dahalki urged the UN and the Iraqi central government to shift its focus towards the Iraqi people and its suffering and bring them back to their homes and provide safe environments to them before carrying out any elections.

Experts told The Baghdad Post that politicians who are pushing to hold the elections on its date are affiliates with the Iranian Mullah's regime that is benefitting from the aggravated situation in Iraq.

They added that these politicians want to reinforce their positions and posts in the government via IMIS militias to preserve their presence in the Iraqi political scene by force. 

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