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Video: Iran's Mullah forces beat, arbitrarily arrest Ahwazis

Video: Iran's Mullah forces beat Ahwazis, arbitrarily arrest them
Iran's Mullah regime forces continue their savage violations against Ahwazi citizens in Ahwaz city, a video obtained by The Baghdad Post revealed on Thursday.

The video has shown the Iranian forces had brutally beaten an Ahwazi, arresting him under false pretenses in Khorramshahr city.

The Iranian regime’s already brutal oppression has worsened in the Ahwaz region since the 2005 uprising. It has carried out large-scale population transfers, land confiscation and ethnic cleansing of Ahwazis. 

Although activists regularly appeal to regional and international human rights organizations to help in raising awareness of the people’s plight and to intervene to stop the persecution of innocent people whose only crime is to want freedom and human rights, these pleas fall on deaf ears.

Last Modified: Thursday، 14 December 2017 11:34 AM