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Video: Iran's Kurds help earthquake's victims in Kermanshah city

Video: Iran's Kurds help earthquake's victims in Kermanshah city

Iran's Kurds have provided help to the victims of the earthquake in Kermanshah city after Iranian regime abandoned them, a video obtained by The Baghdad Post revealed on Wednesday. 

Earlier, two aftershocks on Monday struck Khanaqin city of Diyala governorate after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook the Iraq-Iran border zone and other Gulf states on Sunday.

On Tuesday, Iranian officials raised the death toll from Sunday’s earthquake of 7.3 magnitudes on its border with Iraq to at least 530, making it the deadliest in the world this year.

Kermanshah province was the hardest hit by the earthquake, which was felt hundreds of miles away in both Tehran and Baghdad.

At least 7,460 people were injured during the earthquake, which hit seven big cities and 1,950 villages in the province. 

Officials said 12,000 houses had been completely destroyed and a further 15,000 damaged.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 15 November 2017 01:22 PM
parichehr Nassiri
parichehr Nassiri
Friday، 17 November 2017 03:30 PM
The most unjust piece of news I heard in recent days. In Tehran and other cities people collect items and aids to help or fellow Iranians. It is not just kurds; though they do help the earthquake victims. The road to Sar Pol Zahab is blocked as so many cars are going there to help our brothers and sisters there. Stop trying to divide Iranians. WE STAY TOGETHER, KURDS, LOR, GUILANI, AZARI AND ALL OTHER GROUPS ARE IRANIANS AND WE NEVER LET THEM BEAR THE BURDEN OF THIS TRAGEDY ALONE. WE STAND BESIDES THEM.