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KRG offers Joint Forces deployment at crossing with Turkey

Fishkhabour crossing

Kurdistan Region on Thursday suggested the deployment of joint forces at the strategic Fishkhabur crossing with Turkey, with the participation of the US-led international coalition against ISIS.


This comes at a time when Baghdad government threatened to control the Kurdish territories.

The offer came hours after the Iraqi armed forces accused the Kurdistan Regional Government of delaying the handover of the border crossings. 


Iraqi forces also threatened to resume operations to control Kurdish territory.

A statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government on November 2, 2017, said that the joint deployment at the strategic Fishkhabur crossing is "a gesture of goodwill and a confidence-building move that guarantees a limited and temporary arrangement until an agreement is reached under the Iraqi constitution."

The statement also contains a number of other points, "including a cease-fire on all fronts and continued cooperation in fighting and co-proliferation in the disputed areas, which are claimed by the two sides."

"The KRG continues to welcome a permanent cease-fire on all fronts, defusing the conflict and launching a political dialogue," the statement said.

Over the past week, the Kurds have sought to defuse the crisis through negotiations. The Peshmerga Ministry said the proposal was part of a five-point proposal to defuse the conflict to the Iraqi government on Oct. 31.