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Pictured: Women help Peshmerga defend Kirkuk against Shiite militias

An elderly woman from Kurdistan carrying a rifle

Women from Kurdistan Region are getting ready to cooperate with Peshmerga forces to defend Kirkuk city against Shiite militias, as shown in footage obtained by The Baghdad Post on Sunday.

In one of the photos, a middle-aged woman was holding a gun while in another an elderly lady was carrying a rifle. 


Since Thursday, there has been a major build up of Iraqi forces around Kirkuk and Kurdish officials said the Peshmerga had been ordered to defend their positions at any cost.

Both sides have sent troops to Kirkuk and brief clashes have already erupted between Kurds and Shiite militias backing the government.


Tensions between Erbil and Baghdad have escalated since the Iraqi Kurds overwhelmingly voted for independence in a referendum last month.

The oil-rich Kirkuk Governorate has emerged as a flashpoint in the crisis as it is claimed by both sides.

Last Modified: Sunday، 15 October 2017 11:23 AM