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Qatar continues lies, says QNA hacked by neighboring countries

Qatar's Attorney-General
The Qatari Attorney-General, Ali bin Fattis Al-Marri, claimed that neighboring countries participating in the boycotting campaign against his counytry were involved in hacking
the Qatar News Agency (QNA) website.

In a press conference, Al-Marri said, "These penetrations were made by neighboring countries, some of the violations were carried out through phones belonging to IPs used in these countries".

He further claimed that the evidence held by the State of Qatar is sufficient to sue the boycotting countries.

In late June, Saudi Arabia along with UAE, Bahrain and Egypt severed diplomatic ties with Qatar for the latter's support of terrorism and maintaining relations with Iran.

The four countries have delivered Doha a list of 18 demands to normalize ties. But Qatar never complied with the demands.