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IMIS 'committing horrendous crimes against civilians': Military official

IMIS committing crimes against civilians
IMIS terrorist group is committing horrendous crimes against civilians, Ghayath al-Sawragi, a Peshmerga military commander, said Tuesday.

He cited violations committed by an IMIS force commanded by brother of Hanin Qado, a National Alliance member.

This militia, according to the military official, is barring about 10,000 of the Kurdish civilians from al-Harkia Tribe from returning home.

IMIS militias erect checkpoints and molest civilians, he said, indicating that the pro-Iran terrorists yet targeted Christians.

Reports published in Kurdish newspapers assert that ISIS has been replaced by IMIS in these areas.

It also spoke about five new headquarters for Badr Militia and militiamen close to Da'wa party.