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Russia 'shot down US cruise missiles in Syria in act of war' - Analyst

Russia 'shot down US cruise missiles in Syria in act of war' - Analyst

Russia shot down US cruise missiles fired at Syria – marking the first direct military confrontation between the two superpowers in decades –, the Daily Star quoted a military expert as saying on Monday.

Vladimir Putin slammed the US for firing 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syria after president Bashar al-Assad launched a sickening Sarin gas attack on his own people.

Urged by his daughter Ivanka, US president Donald Trump fired at Syria and warned of another launch if Syria did the same again.

But a military expert has warned that Russia moved to sabotage the attack in a blatant act of war.

Gulf State Analytics senior advisor Theodore Karasik said: "Not all missiles made their target. There were supposed to be 60. One malfunctioned on one of their ships.

"36 made target, the remainder did not. And, there's a question of where did they go?"

Karasik claims he has sources from Washington, the Gulf and Russia who all back-up the story that Putin arranged for them to be intercepted before they hit Syria.

He added: "The missing missiles were either brought down by S-300 battery or were taken over by Russian electronic jamming and were plunged into the sea.

"Now this alternative theory means that the US and Russia have already clashed if you will – technically – with the use of Tomahawk missiles and then being intercepted or taken over by Russian control."

Trump appeared to have made friends in Russia when he was met by a glowing endorsement from Putin.

But his recent actions have caused the relationship to sour, with Trump describing it at its worse since the Cold War.

And Karasik added this could lead to all-out war in Syria.

He added: "This is very important because it illustrates we've had our first encounter with the Russians, and sets the stage for potentially future encounters between Washington and Russia on the Syrian battlefield.”