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Revealed: Death toll of Alawites in Assad's war against Syrians

Alawites dead militants coffins

Many Alawites have been wiped out during the six-year Syrian civil war, as revealed by Aki news agency on Tuesday.

A total of 150,000 militants of the Alawites, who represent 11%-2.6 million of the Syrian population, were killed in the past six year.

Hezbollah's death toll was also heavy in which 7,000 militant were killed.

The percentage of fatalities in the pro-Bashar al-Assad forces had forced the regime to change the limits of the army's conscription age, especially in the Alawites territories.

Until now, the Syrian regime hasn't issued any official numbers concerning the soldiers fatalities, but well-informed sources in the Syrian regime asserted that the numbers have exceeded 100,000 dead soldiers.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 18 April 2017 07:34 PM