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Syrian opposition fighters 'humiliate' Iran's militiamen in Syria's Hama

Assad forces crushed in Hama
Opposition forces inflicted a humiliating defeat on Assad forces and Iran militiamen in the ongoing fighting in Syria's Hama. 

Dozens of the Iranian and Lebanese militiamen were killed in northern Hama in early morning on Thursday after Organization for Liberation of the Levant's fighters detonated a car bomb.

Also, opposition forces thwarted an attempt by Iranian militias to advance on Batish al-Tarabea area in Hama, killing and injuring dozens of the Mullah regime's terrorists.

In western Hama, fierce clashes broke out between opposition forces and the Iranian militias, as they attempted to infiltrate a key area near al-Magdal village northwest of Hama. 

Yet, fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) foiled an attack by Assad forces to regain control of Mardas village.

Hours-long clashes continued across the streets of the village between the two sides, with the opposition militants inflicting heavy casualties in the ranks of Assad forces and Iran militiamen. 

Casualties of Assad forces were high in both personnel and equipment. Opposition forces seized two tanks and a PMB vehicle.

In addition, fortifications of Assad regime forces in the villages of Sahlab, Asila, Mhrda and Hurat were shelled by opposition forces. Several of Assad militiamen were killed in the attack, including senior militiamen.