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Dozens of Iran militiamen killed in Syria

More Iran militiamen killed in Syria
Syrian rebels have foiled an attempt by Assad forces, backed by pro-Iran militiamen, to advance towards Basatin Bzra east of Damascus.

Activists say that the rebels fought a fierce battle, adding that Russian fighter jets flew intensively over the battlefield.

Local sources say that dozens of the pro-Assad forces and Iran militiamen had been killed in the clashes, and several of their vehicles destroyed. 

It was also reported that five of Quds Force militiamen have been killed in the battles in Syria over the past days.

Sources say one of those killed in the battles was a wrestler. 

Trend News Agency cited  Wrestling Federation’s website as saying Said Khajeh Salehani, from Tehran Province, was killed at a war zone in Syria.

Also, three elements affiliated with Quds Force were killed in southeastern Aleppo. 

Iranian regime admitted 2100 of its militiamen have been killed in the ongoing battles in Iraq and Syria.

Iran deployed thousands of its militias in Syria to support Bashar Al-Assad in its ruthless war on the Syrian people who have been demanding its ouster since 2011. 

Militias from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Lebanon are fighting side by side with the Iranian militias.

Iranian media platforms speak about many deaths in the ranks of the Iranian militants. Both rank and file fighters and senior adviser face the same fate on the battlefield in Syria.