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Sadr spokesman: Local, foreign entities threatened Sadrist leader

Sadr spokesman: Local, foreign entities threatened Sadrist leader

Spokesman of the Iraqi leader Sayed Muqtada al-SadrJaafar Al-Mosawi, asserted that local and foreign entities had threatened to kill Sadrist Movement leader.

In  a press release on Saturday, he added that these threats came after Sadr confronted corruption and uncovered corrupts. He added that the movement will continue to organize protests until implementing an inclusive reform in the country.

Sadrist Movement leader carried the banner of reform and opposed losers and corrupts who led the country to the current crises, Mosawi said. He pointed out that those who gain interests from the current situation are threatening to kill Sadr after his recent courageous reform calls.

At a Friday sermon at Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, Sadr said, while addressing his followers who gathered for the weekly anti-corruption protests,  that he had received several death threats.

He gave no explanation regarding the countries or entities standing behind those threats.