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Al-Ahrar Bloc says enemies within, outside behind Sadr death threats

Death threats sent to Sadr
Al-Ahrar Bloc lawmaker Maged al-Gharrawi accused foreign countries of standing behind death threats sent to the leader of Sadrist Movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Friday.

Aided by some personalities inside Iraq, foreign countries stand behind these death threats, he added in a press release.

These threats came just after the reforms proposed by al-Sadr, the lawmaker noted.

Every political party that opposes Sadr's reform project will be necessarily standing behind the threats, Al-Gharrawi added.

At a Friday sermon at Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, Sadr said, while addressing his followers who gathered for weekly anti-corruption protests,  that he had received more than once death threats.

He gave no explanation regarding the countries or entities standing behind those threats.
Last Modified: Saturday، 25 March 2017 02:44 PM