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Documented: Names of Qaeda leaders linked to Iran

Qaeda leaders linked to Iran
Iran, a major Shiite country in the region and the world, has had links with hard line Sunni terror groups; foremost of them are Al-Qaeda and ISIS, documents revealed.

Documents declassified from the Iraqi intelligence on Iran exposed its role as a major sponsor for terror in the region operating not only the Shiite sectarian militias, but it also employ the Sunni ones to massacre the Iraqis indiscriminately and topple the Iraqi state. 

The documents, attained by the Baghdad Post, reveal identities of al-Qaeda leaders who shuttled between Iraq and Iran, their role and sources of funding for each of them. 

In the lines to come, information on those terrorists, their hideouts and fate:

Saiful Adl: His true name is Mohammed Salahuddin Zidane, Egyptian. He is one of al-Qaeda's senior leaders who plotted terror plots from inside Iran. He also plotted bombings in Riyadh.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: A senior Qaeda leader from Jordan. He entered Iran in 2001 and stayed there for over a year where he plotted to establish a new terror group. He is the founder of al-Qaeda in Iraq, a nucleus to what is called now ISIS.  Zarqawi was killed in 2006 in a US airstrike. 

Mahfuz Weld al-Waled: His nickname is Abu-Hafs al-Mauritani. He is responsible of the so-called 'legal committee of al-Qaeda. He entered Iran in 2001 and entrenched himself there till 2012. Tehran gave him up to Mauritania, where he has been put in custody. He later confessed that Iran used him as an 'ace in the hole'.

Mostafa Hamid: Code-named Abul-Waleed al-Masry, some call him 'Historian of Arab Afghans. He went to Iran in 2001, where he and his son in law were put in custody. He worked to recruit Arab terrorists in the terror groups in Afghanistan. Hamid authored several books propagating extremist thought.

Suleiman Abu-Ghaith al-Kuwaiti: He is the spokesperson of al-Qaeda. He also is the son in law of Bin Laden. He settled up in Iran after 2001. He moved to Jordan in 2013 using an Iranian passport. And he was deported to the US to stand trial. 

Ezzeddin Abdel-Aziz Khalil: Terrorists call him Yassin al-Suri. He is the financer of al-Qaeda. He oversaw the process of moving terrorists from Pakistan to Syria. He also helped the group's operatives to get into the Western countries. 

Saleh al-Qarawi: A Saudi leader who was the chief of ' Abdullah Azzam Brigades. He was always shuttling between Iran and Pakistan. Al-Qarawi received training on remote detonation in Iran. He took Iran as a center for waging his terror attacks.  He also was an intermediary between senior leaders and rank and file recruits.Pakistan turned him in to Saudi Arabia in 2012. Both al-Qaeda and Iran 'sold' him after the fatal injuries he sustained in his right eye, hand and leg. 

Abu-Mohammed al-Masry: He is one of the foremost founders of al-Qaeda. He oversaw the security committee formed shortly before the fall of Taliban in 2001. He was close to Mullah Omer, leader of Taliban. 

Mohammed Hassan Abul-Khair: He is one of the Egyptian recruits in the ranks of al-Qaeda. He was responsible for the terror group's 'action committee'. Egyptian court sentenced him to death in absentia in 1998. He stood trial in the case wherein terrorists who returned home from Albania were involved. 

Atya Abdel-Rahman al-Libee: He is a bomb detonation expert, and a jurist. He was responsible for recruiting terrorists in al-Qaeda and other groups. He was appointed as a representative on behalf of Bin Laden in Iran 'to recruit terrorists'. He also cared for Bin Laden's family while they were hiding in Tehran. 

Abul-Laith al-Libee: He was an active operative for al-Qaeda in eastern Afghanistan. He was autonomous with a lot of powers in hand. He also had strong ties with the top commanders of the terror group. Al-Libee was killed in a US air raid in 2008.

Ali Sayed Mohammed Mostafa: His code-mane in the ranks of al-Qaeda is Abdel-Aziz al-Masry. He was the terror group's top expert on explosives. The terrorist was also considered a heavyweight 'nuclear researcher' in the ranks of al-Qaeda. 

Abu-Dojana al-Masry: He trained terrorists on remote detonation before being arrested. He was a member in the ranks of Islamic Jihad terror movement in Egypt. He is the son-in-law of the current leader of al-Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahri. 

Mohammed al-Islambuli: He worked to facilitate the terror group's attacks. He has good ties with Iranian intelligence. He also is the brother of Egyptian president Anwer Sadat's assassin Khalid al-Islambuli. 

Tharwat Shehata: He is one of the terror group's planning experts. He, along with Zarqawi, had strong ties with Iran. He arrived in Libya in 2012 after he served his sentence in Turkey. He stayed several years in Iran after 2001.

Ali Mijahid: He trained al-Qaeda recruits to use computer and internet.  He also facilitated moving terrorists from Iran to Iraq. He is said to be behind New York underground bombing in 2005.


Abu-Anas al-Libee: An active operative in Africa. He is involved in eastern Africa bombings in 1998. He was also affiliated with Libyan Islamist brigades. He has been arrested and now in custody in the US. 

Abul-Dahak: He is the terror group's representative in Chechnya and Afghanistan. He was close to Bin Laden. 

Khaild al-Sudani: He was a member of al-Qaeda's so-called Shoura Council. He departed from Iran to an unknown destination.  

Abu-Talha Hamza al-Blushi: He worked to cater for the terror group's needs. He followed up on carrying out the terror plots from Iran. 

Abu-Jafar al-Uzbeki: He is the representative of al-Qaeda's supreme command. He was assigned to negotiate on behalf of the group to release its detainees. He also works to provide logistic support and financing of the terror group. 

Majid al-Majid: He arrived in Lebanon in 2006, bearing a fake passport. He fought in the ranks of Fatah al - Islam group in the battle of Nahr al - Bared camp in 2007. Then he moved to Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp east of Sidon. He received training in Iran. 

Adel Radi: He worked for the terror group inside Iran under the command of Yassine al-Suri. He also joined al-Nusra Front and was killed in 2015. 

Mohsen al-Fadli: He is one of the senior leaders working for the group from inside Iran. He also oversees several key files in the ranks of the group. 

Adel Mohammed Abdel-Khalek: He is a senior leader in the ranks of the group who involved with Libyan Islamist organizations. He shuttled between and Libya five times from 2004 to 2007. 

Mostafa Hamid: He is an active leader in Iran. Furthermore, he works as an intermediary between the terror group and the Iranian government. 

Abul-Ali Al-Arabi: He is responsible for the group's smuggling operations. He oversees the group's terror operations from the Iranian city of Zahedan. 

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