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Sky News journalists miraculously survive ISIS suicide bomber

Chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his crew running from the explosion
Three Sky News journalists and their production team miraculously alive after being caught up in an ISIS bomb blast in Iraq, as reported by sky news on Friday.

Chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his crew were reporting from the front line in Mosul as the battle against ISIS continues.

The crew was hiding in a truck moments before the explosion, and they were just meters away from the bomb when it exploded.

But after the blast, the shooting didn't stop, and the journalists were forced to abandon their armored vehicle and make a run for it across open ground.

As they tried to flee, a helicopter appeared, raining bullets down on the streets they had just escaped from.

The crew later went back the scene were they had parked their armored vehicle to discover only a burning shell of it.

Last Modified: Friday، 17 March 2017 01:59 PM