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Iraqi government constructs floating bridge to connect Tigris River banks

Mosul floating bridge
Iraqi government have completed the construction a floating bridge to connect the two banks of Mosul city, a well informed source told Baghdad Post on Wednesday.

An Iraqi Army engineering team has completed the construction of a bridge that starts from al-Rashidiyah area in the left bank of Mosul and ends at Hawi al-Kaneisa area in the right bank of Mosul, the source added.

Military vehicles will be transferred to the right bank of Mosul later on Wednesday to participate in the fight against ISIS terrorists, according to the source.

US-led Coalition has destroyed all Mosul bridges to cut ISIS supply routes and limit its movements.

The Iraqi government has begun some efforts in the recent days to construct quick alternative to its destroyed bridges like making a dirt passage to ease the access of Mosul neighborhoods for the city's residents.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 01 March 2017 02:10 PM