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Maliki seeks to further support IMIS militants in Iraq

leader of the State of Law Coalition Nouri al-Maliki
In a move that is considered a declared support for the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), leader of the State of Law Coalition Nouri al-Maliki has met with leaders of the Iranian-run militias in Iraq.

Maliki's media office said Thursday that his meeting with leaders of the IMIS focused on the latest developments on the security and political arenas in Iraq as well as "We Are Coming Nineveh" operation to retake Mosul City from Daesh or ISIS.

It also said Maliki called for beefing up military support for the Iranian Militia in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) which he claimed has contributed in defeating the terrorist elements of ISIS.

Nineveh governorate is witnessing wide-range military operations to retake Mosul city that was overtaken  by ISIS terrorists in 2014.

The operations succeeded in liberating the left bank of the city, while the right side is still under ISIS control.

Military reports have indicated that the liberation of the right bank of Mosul would be a tough one as this part of  the city because of the density of the population and the narrow streets and alleyways through which armored vehicles cannot pass.
Last Modified: Thursday، 16 February 2017 02:12 PM