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11 civilians killed in Syrian-Russian air raids over Daraa

At least 11 civilians were killed and others were injured in barbaric air raids that were jointly carried out by Syrian and Russian air jets over Daraa city in southern Syria.

Syria Civil Defense (White Helmets) forces said in a statement on Tuesday that Russian and Syrian air crafts targeted a hospital in Daraa leaving it out of service.

The war jets also targeted Manshiyeh district and concentrated on residential buildings in Tarek al-Sad neighbourhood, leaving 5 civilians dead.

The intensive aerial bombarding forced the closure of Daraa schools until a further notice.

Military forces affiliated to the Syrian regime shut down the streets in Daraa al-Mahta neighborhood which deemed to be the government's biggest commercial centre.

A Syrian officer said that the current clashes in Daraa is the most intensive since the beginning of Syrian crisis.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 14 February 2017 04:01 PM