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Reza Pahlavi: Death of Rafsanjani to lead collapse of Iranian regime

Reza Pahlavi
Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi has expected the collapse of the Iranian regime over the huge gap created by the death of former president Hashami Rafsanjani.

In an interview with Breitbart News on Monday, the crown prince said that “the regime is pretty much beginning to show indications of fragmentation, going eventually towards their collapse.” He noted “the importance of making sure that the path to the alternative is as smooth as possible and that complete measures are taken to make sure that a dictatorship will not be replaced by another one. And that, indeed, it is the people who will triumph and nobody else.”

Asked if the crown prince would consider taking on an elected or lineal leadership role in his country of birth, Pahlavi said:

"I’ve always said this is not about me. It’s about the Iranian people and their opportunity to finally get self-determination and freedom.

He added this rhetoric and support “should not be limited to the U.S,” adding that he’s “always advocated that the empowerment of any people is always the best solution at the end, especially when they have to fight very oppressive regimes.”

“We realize that the current regime is not going to voluntarily leave the scene, which is why we have put together a campaign of resistance and civil disobedience,” Pahlavi told Breitbart News. “And that’s why we’ve been in contact with a variety of secularists within Iran representing all sorts of views from workers to teachers to labor unions” to other organizations.

Pahlavi recently penned a letter to President Donald Trump congratulating him on his victory. Asked how he views Trump and his administration with regard to U.S.-Iran relations, he said, “I think the current president has indicated that he wants to be much more in support of strengthening the people’s hand and, at the same time, weakening the regime. And I think that’s exactly what we were hoping to hear.”

Xerxes Aryan Sarfaraz
Xerxes Aryan Sarfaraz
Thursday، 23 February 2017 11:44 PM
Know When Not to Cooperate Reformers---political , social , and religious---will only cause more sorrow for human being unless human being understand the workings of his/her own mind . In the understanding of the total process of the mind , there is a radical , inward revolution , and from that inward revolution springs the action of true cooperation , which is not cooperation with a pattern , with authority , with somebody who "knows". When you know how to co-operate because there is this inward revolution , then you will also know when not to cooperate , which is really very important , perhaps more important . We now cooperate with any person who offers a reform , a change , which only perpetuates conflict and misery , but if we can know what it is to have the spirit of cooperation that comes into being with the understanding of the total process of the mind and in which there is freedom from the self , then there is a possibility of creating a new civilization , a totally different world in which there is no acquisitiveness , no envy , no comparison . This is not a theoretical utopia but the actual state of the mind that is constantly inquiring and pursuing that which is true and blessed . گهي پشت به زين و گهي زين به پشت؛براي شکار گرگ سري به لانه اش بايد زد.زنده باد ايران و ايرانيان ايران پرست . البته به معنى واقعى ايران را بپرستند و دست از دوشمنى از اين مردم ومملكت بر دارند . زنده باد خاندان بزرگ پهلوى پاينده باد شاهزاده رضا پهلوى .