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Exclusive: Names of citizens seized by fake security forces

Iraqi Forces

The Baghdad Post obtained the complete list of the Iraqi citizens who were arrested by fake security forces in Al Tarmia district of the Iraq capital Baghdad.

The names are: Majid Nagi Salem, Qis Kamal Dawood, Moaed Zidan Khalaf, Qasi Ibrahim Ahmed, Hossam Mohamed Nasif, Youssef Faysal Ibrahim, Abdel Moaz Aziz Saleh (released), Marwan Mohamed Shokr (released), Akil Mazhr Nasif, Saladin Mahdy Saleh, Ihab Mohamed Jasem Abd, Mohamed Majid Jasem, Osama Jabar Mozawad, Alaa Kamal Mohamed, Haitham Mahmoud Ali, Saad Salem Saleh, Abdullah Ahmed Jasem, Mohamed Hamid Ibrahim, Amer Ali Ahmed Rashid and Khaled Mansour Attia.

Member of Parliament Ahmed Al Mashhadani shouldered Baghdad Operations Command the legal responsibility of the detention of the 45 citizens in Tarmia.

He also urged Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to immediately interfere to protect and save them.

He also called for holding an urgent parliamentary session to discuss this pressing issue.

Earlier, security forces denied news saying that they had arrested the citizens although eyewitnesses asserted that the forces that arrested them were using military vehicles.