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Al-Dawa bloc renews call for transition to presidential system in Iraq

Head of Al Dawa parliamentary bloc
Iraqi parliamentary Al-Dawa Bloc has renewed its call for changing the ruling regime in Iraq from a parliamentary -based system to a presidential one with a ruling majority.

In press statements on Tuesday,  Head of Al-Dawa bloc at the Iraqi parliament Khalaf Abdel  Samad said the parliamentary and quota system could not handle the massive deficiencies of the status quo in Iraq, noting that the transition to the majority and presidential system could be the best option for ending chaos and accumulated problems in the country.

Parliamentary system proved its failure in Iraq, he added, noting that all parties are seeking to have the upper hand without giving any space for others' thoughts or beliefs.

There are big shortcomings in the political system in Iraq and the best solution for bringing Iraq out of its current chaos could be a swift transition to the presidential system, the official added, voicing hope that such change could be an actual starting point for rebuilding the country after years of conflicts.

State of Law Coalition, led by former Iraqi prime minister, along with Al-Dawa bloc head have called for starting a political mobility to garner up all parties which seek to have a majority government. Such project has firstly been floated by various political parties in 2013.