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Iraqi FM calls on U.S. to reconsider closing embassy in Baghdad

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein on Wednesday called on the United States to reconsider the decision of closing its embassy in Baghdad following repeated attacks on the embassy.

Hussein made his first official comments about the possible withdrawal of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad at a press conference, just after a meeting by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi with ambassadors of 25 countries in Baghdad.

Al-Kadhimi discussed with the ambassadors the danger of the U.S. diplomatic withdrawal and pledged to control the arms and to protect diplomatic missions in the country, Hussein told the press conference.

"We hope that the U.S. administration will reconsider the decision to close the embassy, and we will communicate with it to reverse this decision," Hussein told reporters.

According to media reports, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iraq earlier that the United States would close its embassy in Baghdad if the Iraqi government does not move to stop rocket attacks.

U.S. troops have been deployed in Iraq to support the Iraqi forces in the battles against the Islamic State militants, providing training and advising to the Iraqi forces.