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Turkish Border Strike Harms “Historic Relations”: Iraqi Parliament

Iraqi Parliament’s Deputy Speaker Hassan al-Kaabi has condemned the Turkish drone strike on Tuesday which killed two high-ranking Iraqi border guards commanders in Kurdistan Region.

Kaabi said in a statement that the deadly strike is a “blatant” violation of all international laws, and that such actions harm the “historic relations” between Baghdad and Ankara.

Turkish drones targeted a vehicle carrying two high-ranking Kurdish commanders of the Iraqi border guards on Tuesday in Sidakan area of Erbil province, near the border with Iran and Turkey.

The commanders were meeting with Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) officials to ask them to leave the civilian-populated areas so to ward off the risk of Turkish strikes on civilians.

However, soon after their arrival at the meeting point in the mountains of Bradost region, a Turkish drone targeted their vehicle and killed the two commanders alongside their driver.

Kaabi said it was necessary for the Iraqi government to hand a note of protest to the Turkish ambassador.

Iraq’s Foreign Ministry previously announced that it had canceled Turkish defense minister’s visit to Baghdad which was scheduled for Thursday this week. It has also summoned the Turkish envoy to protest against the Turkish border strikes again.