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Iraqi PM vows to bring Hisham al-Hashemi's killers to justice

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi vowed Monday to bring the killers of an Iraqi researcher to justice, hours after Hisham al-Hashemi was shot dead near his home in Baghdad, Al-Arabiya reported.

"We promise the killers that we will go after them so they may be served their just punishment," Kadhimi said, according to his office.

Diplomats, officials and journalists mourned the loss of al-Hashemi, who a government official said was informally working as an advisor to al-Kadhimi.

The investigator assigned to the killing told AFP that al-Hashemi, 47, walked out of his home in east Baghdad and was getting into his car when three gunmen on two motorcycles fired at him from meters away.

A medical source also told AFP that he suffered "a hail of bullet wounds in several body parts."

Al-Hashemi was wounded and ducked behind his car, but the gunmen approached and shot him four times in the head at close range, the investigator said.

Al-Hashemi was an authoritative voice on Sunni extremist factions including ISIS terror group, but was also frequently consulted by media and foreign governments on domestic Iraqi politics and Shia armed groups.