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Barzani Expresses Concern over Increasing IS Attacks in Disputes Kurdish Areas

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Saturday received Major General Eric Hill, Commander of Coalition's Special Operations Forces to defeat the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, discussing the insurgent group's resurgence in the areas disputed between Erbil and Baghdad.

During the meeting, according to a statement by Barzani's office, the pair shed light on the latest developments in the region and stressed on the need to further strengthen cooperations between the Peshmerga fighters and US-led Coalition forces. They also "stressed the importance of continued coordination in order to eliminate the ISIS threat."

"During the meeting, Prime Minister Barzani expressed his concern about the latest ISIS activities in Kurdistani areas outside the Kurdistan Region, particularly attacks on and abductions of Kurdish farmers," the statement added.

Major General Eric Hill, in return, noted that the Kurdistan Region is viewed as an important partner of the US as well as the coalition forces in the fight against terrorism.

"He agreed that the war on terror has not finished yet, underscoring the need to further strengthen the coordination with the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in combating terrorism."