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Iraqi Caretaker PM Condemns Rocket Attack on US Embassy


 Iraq's caretaker PM Adil Abdul Mahdi has condemned the rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad, saying that such incidents would harm the country's relations with its partners.

Multiple reports said that five Katyusha rockets fell inside the fortified Green Zone in the capital city, where the US embassy and other foreign diplomatic facilities are located.

"We denounce the continuation of these condemned and outlawed acts that weaken the state and undermine its sovereignty," Abdul Mahdi said in a statement, as cited by Xinhua.

Abdul Mahdi, who is also commander-in-chief of the Iraqi forces, noted that he had ordered the security forces to find the perpetrators behind the attack, reminding that such incidents would hurt Iraq's ties with its partners.

"The continuation of such irresponsible act, which makes the entire country to bear its consequences and serious repercussions, would lead to damage to the country's higher interests and its relations with its friends, which may turn Iraq to a battlefield."

He further reiterated his government's commitment to protecting "all diplomatic missions and take all necessary measures in accordance with the law."
A US official confirmed to CNN that one of the rockets hit a dining facility, pointing out that there were reportedly minor damages, as cited by AFP.