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A source close to al-Sadr reveals scenarios of next stage

 Muhammad al-Aboudi, who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr revealed on Saturday, the reason for closing the page of Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi.

"There are three future scenarios, the first of which is the success of the popular Iraqi revolution and the victory of the homeland, the second is the continuation of the revolution without leadership and goals, and the third is the failure of the revolution and the domination of the corrupt again, and each of them has introductions and results," Al-Aboudi said in a statement received by Shafaq News.


He added, "Goodbye ... What did you understand from goodbye? Is it protest, escalation, unification of the Iraqi ranks?" Explaining, "My brother ... do not tweet on your whims, Sadr does not back down, nor is he defeated, when he promises , he fulfills it. And here, I review some of Al-Sadr’s steps since the beginning of the Iraqi revolution to be clear , so the people choose from the conviction of one of the scenarios and work to achieve the hope and dream of forty million Iraqis because Iraq and its future are at a crossroads.

“Beloved people, Al-Sadr was the first to support the revolutionaries and descended the field with them. Al-Sadr revealed conspiracies in the scenes of the corrupt and presented them on a plate to the revolutionaries. Al-Sadr dispersed the schemes of the corrupt and the conspirators and their masters against the rebels. Al-Sadr supported peaceful demands and national steps , set goals and paved the way, al-Sadr gave up everything for the people and its national revolution, so what was the response, acceptance and trust? "

He wondered, "Now ... Al-Sadr supports, he is your protector , so what will you do?" You should know that everyone are ready and working together to make what you started with, is the only salvation for Iraq and its people.”