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Iraq sees renewed clashes between security forces, demonstrators

A security source in Iraq confirmed on Tuesday that clashes erupted between demonstrators and security forces in the provinces of Karbala and Najaf.

The clashes erupted between demonstrators and security forces, the source added stressing the renewed clashes also erupted in Najaf near the governorate building, according to Alsumaria TV.

The security source said that Karbala police called on the peaceful demonstrators to cooperate to maintain security.

The United States has described the violence in the Iraqi city of Nasiriyah in recent days that killed at least 29 people as “shocking and abhorrent” and called on the Iraqi government to investigate and punish those responsible for the excessive use of force.

Last month, The White House called on Iraqi government to hold early elections and put an end to the violence against protesters across the country.

The White House said in a statement: “The United States is concerned by the continuing attacks against demonstrators, civilian activists and the media in Iraq, in addition to imposing restrictions on internet service.”

Noteworthy, a source in the Iraqi Human Rights Commission said, on Sunday, that the death toll since the start of protests in Iraq last October, reached more than 319, including 13 security personnel, while more than 15 thousand were wounded.