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Lebanese demonstrations renewed for 4th day Riad Solh square


Lebanese protesters arrived in the morning at Riad Al Solh Square in Beirut amid security measures described as “normal,” Lebanese media reported on Sunday.


The reports said that a number of protesters, arrived on Sunday morning, to the Riad Al Solh Square, amid normal security measures, while security forces reinforced the barbed tape, which was raised in the direction of the Grand Serail.


The reports pointed out that the road from Banks Street to Riad Al Solh and Martyrs’ Square is passable and some cars pass through it.


A number of other protesters are gathering in front of Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque and holding the slogan “Revolution Revolution”.


Since Thursday evening, Beirut and other large Lebanese cities have been witnessing mass demonstrations against the government’s decision to impose a new tax on the use of Internet communication applications, including WhatsApp.

It is noteworthy that one million and 200 thousand demonstrators took to the streets in Beirut and other Lebanese cities in protest against corruption and the deterioration of the economic and security conditions, according to Reuters.


The protesters represented various social and political sectors of Lebanese society. No party color appeared in the demonstrations that erupted since Thursday evening, and they were keen to raise the Lebanese flag only and chanting slogans against corruption and the ruling political class.


Observers pointed out that the eruption of the crisis in Lebanon is the result of a cumulative phase, and that what is happening in Lebanon is the result of the failure of capitalism, which is the point of colonialism.


They added that one percent of Lebanese society represented the capitalist class, where events could have been averted by reducing interest on public debt.


They said: we are facing two directions either to respond to popular demands or failure to address the problems of the citizen, and that the recovery of looted funds is one of the most important demands advocated by the demonstrators.

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