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Activists: October 25 demonstrations will demand cessation of domination of militias, sectarian parties

Iraqi activists said on social networking sites that the demands of the demonstrations next Friday, will not be limited to services, but will focus on ending corruption and stop the domination of militias and sectarian parties and end the chaos plaguing the country for many years. It is expected that the demonstrations of 25 October will include all the provinces of southern and central Iraq, along with the capital Baghdad, as well as demonstrations of solidarity from Iraqis abroad. Political observers believe that the leaders of the demonstrations are aware of their objectives, although the slogan «Revenge for the martyrs» was not put forward. It is clear that this is strongly coming after the authorities failed to disclose those involved in the killing and injury of demonstrators. Iraqis know that the authorities' attempts to silence the public with some bribes are only part of widespread corruption. There are demands for sufficient clarity allowing everyone to understand them without fear, by activists during the October 25 demonstrations. The demands say that activists are demonstrating not only for the provision of services, as the authorities promote because this is the duty and responsibility of the government but also for the reform of the country and the elimination of corruption not on living and service conditions only. Observers pointed out that the government's fear of calling the demonstrations on Friday increases its decision-making in an attempt to satisfy the angry public to absorb its anger. While the government denies giving any orders to shoot demonstrators, this puts Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi in great embarrassment. According to political scientist Hamid al-Kifai, one of the strongest justifications for the government to justify killing its protesting citizens is that it was an act committed by unknowns and that it knew nothing about it. He added that if this justification is true, it means that this is not a real government because it lacks control over its agencies.