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Iraqis receive government promises with irony

After mass demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces, Abdul-Mahdi's government was quick to announce a package of promises to stop these demonstrations.

Not only did Abdul-Mahdi's government, but that went to the speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed al-Halbousi. He tried to appear as a defender of the demonstrators and forgot that he was part of the corrupt political process that was the cause of the misery of the Iraqis.

Iraqis have received government promises to reform and end corruption and the suffering of citizens; They know very well that these promises will not be realized under the domination of corrupt parties and corruption whales.

An activist from Baghdad who has been involved in popular protests since 2011 said that “the policy of successive governments has not changed nor evolved over the past 10 years. This happens because the ruling mentality is the same and has not changed nor has it kept pace with developments. It treats angry protesters in Iraq as hungry mouths and will stop them by food."

He added:  "Therefore, after every protest outside the government's control, it issues a series of promises and verbal reforms that do not lead to any real outcome. It is a consuming political movement to absorb the anger of the street."

In a speech after the first three days of protests, Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi pledged that his government "will not make empty promises or offer prosthetic solutions." 

"We have a project we will submit to the House of Representatives in the short period to give a salary to every family that does not have enough income to ensure that every Iraqi family lives in dignity," He added.

Parliament voted in a session last Tuesday to approve the government's proposals on the demands of the demonstrators in addition to the recommendation to consider the victims of the demonstrations and compensation for the wounded. It also recommended the launch of a regular financial grant for unemployed graduates and others.

For his part, questioned MP of wisdom" coalition Mohammed Alkash questioned the fulfillment of the great promises and voted by the parliament, because its purpose to absorb the anger of the Iraqi street, and that quotas will manage these recommendations and approvals. So there is nothing new, no feasibility and no result for the demonstrators.”