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Iran faces the most difficult challenge in Iraq: Observers


Observers have said the challenge that face Iran in Iraq is the most difficult among all other Arab fields, where Tehran has influence.

They noted that the double challenge it faces in political and religious and maybe more because it’s a Shiite-Shiite challenge, as the Shia are the majority in Iraq. They are not only one current or bloc, but many parties. Each has its own stances and interests.

The protests in Iraq, according to the observers, showed that those who confront the Iranian influence are the Shiite Iraqis and those who have been shouting “Iran out” for years are not the Sunnis, who fear being accused of terrorism or affiliation to ISIS.

Iraq suffers a real crisis with different aspects; sovereign, economic and social, they added.

Writer Saad Kiwan said the youth between 18 to 22 years of age were forming around 90 percent of the protests that took place recently.

After 2003, there was a space for Iranians after former US President Barack Obama decided withdrawal from Iraq.

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International, Iraq ranked 169th out 180 countries. It suffered shortage in electricity, drinking water in addition to problems with the education and health sectors.